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How do keywords help enhance your website performance?
How do keywords help enhance your website performance?
Keywords good for SEO?

What are Keywords?

Keywords refer to a word or phrase used by people when searching for information from search engines like Google. It indicates what the person is looking for from the search. For example, someone is planning a trip to Koh Lan and wants to know how many ways to get there without using a personal car. This will help him be able to compare each direction’s expense and see which is the best way. Therefore, he will go on the search engine, Google, and search for “travel to Koh Lan without a personal car.” The phrase “travel to Koh Lanta without a personal car” is the keyword in this search.

So, in simple terms, They are are a reflection of what people are searching for or what people are interested in.

Let’s learn about their types of KW.

The type of keyword is classified by search specification, and the search volume will fluctuate on the word’s specificity. Focus word are divided into three types as follows:

  • Seed KW (Short Tail KW)

The seed KW is the keyword that refers to “product” or “service”, which is very broad and not specific. For example; “clothing,” “shoes,” “sneakers,” “pants,” and “bags.” seed KW has a high search volume because seed KW always be a subset of the search phrase. For example, if someone searches for “high-heeled shoes”, the word “shoes” is the Seed Keyword included in the search.

  • Niche KW (Mid-Tail KW)

The niche KW refers to a more specific keyword than the seed keyword by adding a product or service category. Therefore, Niche Keyword is suitable for use as filter words, such as color, size, and model. This will narrow down the results for users, for example, men’s jackets, pink sneakers, Nike Air Force etc.

  • Long Tail KW

The Long Tail KW is a keyword that is quite specific, usually three to five words. The audiences/ users know what they are looking for. Therefore, this type of KW would have a lower search volume than niche KW. On the other hand, the advantage is this type of keyword has low keyword difficulty.

  • Niche Longtail KW

The niche longtail KW is a specific, clear, and targeted KW, such as a North Face men’s jacket for hiking. The people who use this type of keyword are really interested in the product or service. because they describe the product or service in the keyword. These people are potential consumers who actually aim to purchase the product or service. Therefore, this type of keyword is more valuable to businesses than broad keyword with a high volume of searches that are not specific.

3 Principles for Choosing Keywords

  • Besides the type of KW, we must also consider other factors that will help us reach the target audiences and have effective results.
  • For niche long tail KW, choose the keyword that has been searched more than 1,000 times per month, or in other words, has an average search volume per month over 1,000 times. For niche KW, choose the Focus word with an average search volume per month of over 10,000 times. The average monthly search volume can be checked by SEO tools such as Ahrefs.
  • Choose KW that users/target audiences commonly search for, including misspelled words. In fact, people will search the information based on pronunciation, especially transliteration words.

Choose Keywords that have low KD, the metric that estimates how difficult the keyword will be ranked on Google. If the KW has high KD, there is high competition, making it harder to rank on the first page. Therefore, the suitable KD value should be less than 5 (in Ahrefs).

As you can see, keywords are significant factors in helping increase SEO performance because keywords will help us develop insightful content and also increase brand discovery. This will result in website traffic growth and an increase in brand awareness.

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